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[Three Original Stereo view Photographs Showing the Opening of the Suez Canal]: Inauguration du Canal de Suez. 801. Entrée de la flotte dans le canal a Port-Said; 808. La Themis portant le pavillon amiral a Port-Said; 816. La flotte au mouillage & montagnes akaka a Suez].

Ca. 1869 - early 1870s. Three pairs of albumen prints ca. 7,5x15 cm (3x6 in). Mounted on the original card with printed titles on the lower margins of the mount. Very good stereo views. Collection of three early stereo views depicting the opening of the Suez Canal on the 17th of November 1869. The images show the entrance of the international fleet into the Canal at Port Said, French frigate Themis going through the Canal under the flag of admiral Moulac (Themis accompanied French Imperial yacht L'Aigle with Empress Eugenie on board), and the fleet at anchor in Suez. "At 8 a.m. On the 17th a fleet of ships, headed by L'Aigle with Lesseps and [Empress] Eugenie on board, prepared to pass through. The length of L'Aigle was 99 meters and its beam 18 meters. In 4 hours it made 44 kilometers, reaching Kautara to receive the salute of the Latif. In the rear of the L'Aigle followed the Emperor of Austria; in their own yachts, the Prince Royal of Prussia, the Prince and Princess of Holland, the English ambassador at Constantinople, Lord Elliot, and the Russian ambassador at the same court, General Ignatieff. These were accompanied by the engineers of the canal, Voisin Bey, La Roche, Gioia, and others; the Prince of Holland by M. Ruyssenaers still the consul-general, and then vice-president of the Canal Company. After a delay at Ismailia, where a ball at the palace was attended by from four to five thousand guests, the fleet passed forward, L'Aigle, with the Empress Eugenie, reaching Suez on the 20th" (Nourse, Prof. J.E. The Maritime Canal of Suez, from its Inauguration, November 17, 1869, to the year 1884... Washington, 1884, p. 73). "The magnificence of the three-week-long inaugural ceremonies reminded some observers of The Thousand and One Nights. Many notable political and literary figures attended the celebration, among them the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph, the king of Hungary, the prince of Prussia, and the prince and princess of Holland. Undoubtedly the most valued guest, however, was the French empress Eugénie, for whom the khedive built a palace on the Nile, a replica of her private apartments in the Tuileries. <...> Among the scholars and writers attending were the famous German Egyptologist Richard Lepsius, the Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, the French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme, and the French writer Théophile Gautier. A large contingent of journalists was also present" (Celik, Z. Displaying the Orient. Architecture of Islam at Nineteenth Century World Fairs. University of California Press, 1992, p. 145-146).

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