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LINDAHL, Axel (1841-1906); BEYER, F.; JAEGER, J. &c.
[NORWAY & SWEDEN: Collection of Thirty Large Original Photographs of Norway and Sweden].

Ca. 1890s. Thirty large albumen prints ca. 16,5x23 cm (6 ½ x 9 in) mounted on original card leaves (ca. 33x47 cm). The majority of images captioned in Norwegian and Swedish in negative at the bottom, and supplemented with period ink captions in German on the mounts. Housed loosely in a period portfolio with grey cloth boards and red sheep spine with gilt tooled faded label "Scandinavie." The leaves are slightly waved and soiled, the portfolio is rubbed and worn, but the images are bright and sound. Overall a very good collection. The attractive photographs in this collection include: 1) 83. Bygdo. Fra Parken ved Oscarshald. Axel Lindahl. 2) Hvalfangerskibet Düncan Greys Skytter og Kanon Skaarö, M.G./ Walfisch-Kanope v. Walfischboot Düncan Greys. 3) 1699. Thelemarken. Veien over Haukelidfeld, Rensdyr./Renthierherdeam haukelid-Berg 4) 393. Sogn, Borgunds nye Kirke fra Svartegjaeld/ Sogn, Borgunds neue Kirche, gesch.v. Svartegjaeld 5) 2358. Soan. Naerdalen. Seflefos. Axel Lindahl. 6) 713. Romsdalen. Slettafos/ Slettafall 7) 710. Romsdalen. Vermaafossene/ Vermaa-fälle 8) 757. Romsdalen. Mardalsfos fra Eikisdalen. Axel Lindahl/ Mardals- fälle 9) No. 235. Slettafos. Eneret 1891. F. Beyer, Bergen 8) 712. Romsdalen, Vermaafossene/ Vermaa-fälle 9) 711. Romsdalen, Vermaafossene/ Vermaa-fälle 10) 49. Christiania fra Ekeberg. I. Axel Lindahl / Christiania 11) 2364. Sogn. Naeredalen. Stalheim Hotel. Axel Lindahl/ Hot. Stallheim im Naero-Thal 12) 36. Nordstrand Bad ved Christiania. Axel Lindahl/ Bad Nordstrand b. Christiania 13) 52. Christiania fra Oscarhald. II. Axel Lindahl/ Christiania (pencil) 14) 1639. Thelemarken. Loveid Kanal/ Loveid-Shleussen-Kanal, Thelemarken, Norw. 15) 77. Bygdo. Oscarshald fra Skarpsno. / Oscarhald 16) 1145. Tromso/ Tromsö 17) 1887 [?] Hamerfest wahrend dei Brande 18) 1223. Finmarken. Hammerfest 19) No. 220. Romsdalshorn. Eneret 1891. F. Beyer, Bergen/ Romsthalhorn 20) 2313. Sodn. Borgunds Kirke. 21) No. 26. Stockholm. Utsigt fran Mosebacke. J. Jaeger Kgl. Hoffotograf/ Stockholm 22) No. 2. Stockholm och dess omnigifningar. Kgl. Slottet, sedt fram Skeppsholmen. J. Jaeger Kgl. Hoffotograf/ Kgl. Sloss in Stockholm 23) No. 255. Trondhjeims domkirke. Eneret 1891. F. Beyer, Bergen/ Domkirche in Trontheim 24) 2432. Hardanger, Odde. Axel Lindahl/ Odde am Hardanger-fjord 25) No. 378. Upsala. Nya Universitetshuset. Lidahis Fotografiaffar, Stockholn/ Upsala, Neue Universitat (pencil) 26) 1512. Bergen, Panorama fra Floifjeldet I. Axel Lindahl/ Panorama v. Bergen 27) 1512. Bergen, Panorama fra Floifjeldet II. Axel Lindahl/ Panorama v. Bergen 28) 9293. Olat kyrre. K. Knudsen, Bergen/ Norw. Dampher "Olaf Kyrre" 29 & 30 Uncaptioned.

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